Congratulation! DeRUCCI Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Flagship Store Grand Opening

With the promotion of the “the Belt and Road”, China’s investment in Southeast Asia has surged in recent years. DeRUCCI actively responds to the initiative of “the Belt and Road”. After completing the expansion of more than 20 developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan, DeRUCCI has accelerated the layout in Southeast Asia in the past two years. After successfully entering the Vietnam and Philippines markets and achieving quite good results, DeRUCCI first flagship store in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur opens today!

Malaysia is an important node country of the “the Belt and Road”, with the world’s busiest waterway, radiating markets such as ASEAN, India and Arabia. It is one of the countries with the strongest economic trends in Southeast Asian countries.

This time, DeRUCCI and the global entity trade service platform-Samanea Group Malaysia GLO Mall hand in hand opened grandly and successfully settled in Kuala Lumpur, the capital and largest city of Malaysia. DeRUCCI will work with Samanea Group to create a one-stop home shopping service and an online and offline integrated “all-channel new retail model”, which will definitely bring a disruptive interactive consumer experience to the Malaysian home market.

On the opening day of the mall, the general manager of DeRUCCI International Holdings Co., Ltd. Mr. Shi Weiyi as the representative of the merchant is invited to deliver a speech. In the speech, he expressed sincere gratitude to the Samanea Group for their support.

Subsequently, the general manager of DeRUCCI International Holdings Co., Ltd. and Mr. Huang Lianxi, Chairman of Samanea Group, Mr. KC Zhang, President of Samanea Group, Mr Shaun Chong, Director of Samana Group Malaysia Mall, Mr. Tan SRI DATO’FD MANSOR, Chairman of Glomac Group, General Manager of Glomac Group Mr. Datuk Seri FD Iskandar, CEO, and many other guests moved to the second floor of the mall to attend the opening ceremony of the DeRUCCI  flagship store in Malaysia. It is believed that with the support of investors and the professional management team of the mall, the new store will be able to provide consumers with better and more convenient services.

The new store covers an area of more than 400 square meters. The decoration style is simple and generous. Every corner can feel the warmth of home, and the product series on the spot is displayed in a grade, so that people can feel comfortable and good sleep charm when they step into the store. On the opening day, the crowds were crowded and attracted many media to the store for interviews.

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