Delivery charges are non-refundable for all orders except for manufacturer defective merchandise.
The estimated delivery time is only provided based on our forecast at the time of purchase. The actual delivery time may vary depending on the manufacturer’s actual production time and shipping time from our global manufacturing facilities. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee any delivery date for orders that is not in-stock at the time of purchase. We carefully inspect each item prior to shipment, and we also require your inspection and signature upon delivery. Should you discover a defect in your furniture or mattress, however, please contact us at 905-477-8777 immediately. The customer is responsible for making sure the item can fit into your room and can be delivered through all entryway by verifying all room, building and entryway measurements. Furniture or mattress that is refused because it does not fit into the room or fit through the entryway will be exchangeable only and exchange delivery fees may apply.